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Thank you for checking out For info about our services and items, including support with processing an application for credit, please call 877-276-9958 toll-free. When evaluating offers, please evaluate the lending institution’s Terms and Conditions for extra information. For individual consumers: please enter your 11-digit Norwegian nationwide identity number in the User ID box. Lånene har faste tilbakebetalinger hver måned over en tidsperiode fra 6 måneder til 15 år. Renten er i de fleste tilfeller flytende som tilsier at den er påvirket av
styringsrenten til den Norske Bank (som de fleste huslån også er).

It can for that reason make sense to obtain a larger amount, state ₤ 7,000 instead of ₤ 6,500. Reasonable efforts are made to keep precise info, however all deal info is presented without service warranty. For example, if you are getting married and the wedding is set to cost ₤ 7,500, you could secure a loan for ₤ 7,500 at 5% over three years. Finest offer – the service is performed in cooperation with Folkelånet Telefinans AS, a business that exists in the Norwegian market because 1985.

The application is valid from two weeks to Thirty Days from the date of submission in the bank by our financial advisor. Banks have various requirements in Norway, however the longer we work, the much better bank will evaluate our credit reliability. Personnummer er et krav når vi skal søke i alle 18 lender. Du kan sjekke hvor mye du må betale pr mnd med gjennomsnittrente i vår lånekalkulator.

A home loan is a very common type of loan, used by lots of people to purchase things. The Bank needs that the document was provided total, ie it consists of all parties, not simply the very first. Your real APR will rely on elements examined at the time of application, which may consist of credit history, loan amount, loan term, credit usage and history.

Performing as a company of loans is one of the principal jobs for financial institutions such as banks and charge card business. Practically everybody who has an irreversible individual number (personnummer and is registered in Norway can acquire a loan. X no longer owes Y $50,000 if Y releases the indebtedness. Repayment of consumer credit can be spread out approximately 15 years.

An individual loan may be right for you if you wish to fund a huge cost or if you wish to combine financial obligation. Our partner deals with 17 Norwegian banks, so you are ensured that you will get the best offer readily available on the market. Short-lived personal number (D-nummer) is given to individuals who plan to remain in Norway for less than 6 months.

Ikke betal for mye når du helt uforpliktende kan få bedre tilbud på dine forbrukslån her helt uten sikkerhet. Just click on the link in the email from the Bank, total standard information, enter the code from the BankID and loan might be on your account next day. er en anbudstjeneste som har som mål å finne den beste avtalen på forbrukslån for deg. With a secured loan, the lending institution will demand some sort of security versus the cash you obtain, frequently a home or cars and truck.