Body Freedom Exercise – Sweet Feet

Properties Required: plastic dishwashing pan, two towels, bar of proper soap, sloughing cream, pedicure items, e.g., pumice stone, toenail clippers, nail file, nail buff, nail sticks, nail polish, foot creams, and lotions
Gather your items together and fill the pan with hot water. You might also add a necessary oil to scent the river Your barefoot lover sits comfortably inside a chair. If he is wearing pants, roll them
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up above his knees. Sit at his feet. One towel is on the floor as well as the dishpan is on the towel. The other towel is made for drying his feet. Place his feet inside warm water to soak. Soak his feet approximately five minutes before beginning the pedicure. During the pedicure, make loving his full attention every once inside a while to allow your lover know you like pampering him. Slough away dead, hard skin with sloughing cream and/or pumice stone. Trim his toenails if need be. File claws for shape. Push back the cuticles having a pedicure nail stick. Buff their nails. Suck on your better half’s squeaky clean toes and drive him into delicious delirium. Apply foot lotion. Apply nail polish (optional, but very exciting for him).

Take before photos.

Shorten this exercise to simply washing the feet and applying foot lotion as being a wonderful gift to your lover after having a hard day at work.

Lengthen this exercise by having a foot massage and/or acupressure treatment to help your spouse feel absolutely wonderful.