Generally Asked Questions About Dog Strolling Services

Dog owners who have a full time job are away from their pets for several hours during the day. Canines that have to stay inside the house aren’t able to get the required exercise they need on a daily basis. Pet owners can keep their dogs healthier and happier by contacting Charlotte dog walking services. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more information about hiring a pet care specialist for professional dog walking services.

What are some of the benefits of hiring a dog walking service?

Dogs that get daily exercise with a pet service are healthier and they’re less likely to become overweight. Dogs that carry around excess weight can develop health problems, such as heart issues, joint trouble and digestive disorders. Dogs that don’t get enough exercise will often have behavioral problems, such as continual barking, chewing on objects inside the house and playing rough. When dogs aren’t allowed to exercise during the long days, they also become bored and unhappy. Dogs also need regular outside bathroom breaks during the day. It’s not healthy for dogs to wait several hours between bathroom breaks and it’s not uncommon for dogs to make a mess inside the house if they start feeling uncomfortable.

What types of dog walking packages are available from a pet sitting service?

There are various dog packages available from Charlotte dog walking services so dog owners can choose the one that works the best for them and their dogs. Popular services include a 30 minute or 15 minute dog walk. Longer times are available for a visit and a walk. Dog owners can also select a package that includes dog walking services five days a week. Other popular services include a trip to the park and dog runs.

Does a pet sitting service provide overnight care for dogs?

When dog owners need to be out of town for the night they won’t have to worry about their pets while they’re away. A Charlotte dog walking services company can accommodate almost any situation and an experienced professional can stay overnight at the home where pets will feel more comfortable. Pet sitters will also provide excellent care and boarding at their own homes if it’s preferred by the customer.

Pet owners who can’t take their dogs on daily walks should contact a professional service for dog walking. Visit the Queen City Petsitting website to find out about their dog walking packages, daily rates and to receive a quote.