How to Be a Millionaire and Remain a Millionaire

This is your typical reaction. You reacted that way the minute you read that first line in the title. No one can blame you though. Lots of people have already promised the same thing. Empty promises. And you are still not getting anywhere near that massive cash flow.
You can be a millionaire. And there is really money to be had in internet marketing. So before you roll that eyes and start sighing, read on some of the more effective strategies on how you can earn that million and maintain that millionaire status.
Below are the top five internet marketing strategies that have created millionaires.
1. Social Marketing.
Majority of the people worldwide are now on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and other social media marketing network. These networks can be a means of marketing to whole new and varied audiences. If done properly, you actually can get more leads from these sites.
The purpose of these networking sites is to build a good relationship and to bond with other people. Remember the “no selling” rule. That would be for later when you have already established yourself in your field. Then you can expect people to come to you to know more about what you offer.
2. Article Marketing.
Article marketing have long been proven to be an effective means of getting your business out there. People read articles for information gathering and to be updated on what the latest trends are.
Writing articles about your niche and distributing them to various websites not only will give you more visibility and it will also establish credibility in your field.
3. Video Marketing.
Videos are the hottest trend these days. It has quickly launched YouTube and other video sites into stardom almost overnight. The perk of video marketing is that you can create one for free.
This the one of the fastest way to brand your business. You can also use additional free flat forms for your videos to be syndicated properly. Take advantage of some video marketing websites so you can start showing people what your business is up to.
4. Email Marketing.
Take note: People still read emails. Do not believe the hype that most emails are just thrashed. Email marketing is still the best way of keeping that communication open between you, your former clients and potential clients.
The secret to email marketing is persistence. You may not get people to read your email now but they might get to read it later on when a certain need arises. Keep in mind not to have too much hype and sales talk in your emails. People want information more than marketing. The more you give it to them, the more chances that they will want to know more about your business.
5. Forum Marketing.
Forum participation gets you more in touch with people who are on the same niche market as you. Not only that, most of those joining forums have specific needs. It is up to you to help them find solution for that need.
Most forums allow people to place their website in their post. This will make it easier for other people to go direct into that website to check it out for themselves. Like social marketing, forums are where you can build your brand and market your business at the same time.
Still think that you will not be able to get into that millionaire’s league? Think again. Five strategies all up for grabs. Now is always the best time to start.