Increasing Real Estate Investment Returns

Stakeholders who invest in real estate projects and developments do so for a certain return on the investment. They have a goal in mind and try to invest their money in successful projects that will reach that amount. Those with experience, or those who rely on experienced investment companies, select projects from developers with a proven track record of success. There may be a slightly higher risk involved, but the above average results make the opportunity enticing. One emerging trend is buildings that have multiple uses. Developments that include retail, office, and residential spaces for lease are in high demand.

Leaders of mixed-use development in Calgary include Arlington Street Investments, led by Chief Executive officer (CEO) frank williams lawyer nanaimo. The specialization in urban mixed-use projects has produced award-winning results since 2012. There are currently nine projects in various stages of completion in downtown Calgary, Canada. Leasing opportunities are available for commercial retail space, office building space, and apartments and condominiums. The concept provides people with the ability to live, shop, work, and relax in the same area. The Sentinel building, for example, is a twenty-four storey building on the Red Mile. The combination is available spaces means a professional can potentially live at that address, work there, and shop for groceries, furniture, or clothes without ever leaving the building.

That may sound boring to some people, but for a busy professional, a new entrepreneur, or an investor, there are many benefits. There would be no need for a vehicle on a daily basis. That expense can be eliminated altogether. The savings in car payments, gas, maintenance, and insurance coverage will allow people to live in a bigger apartment, or a more luxurious condominium. The lack of travel time means more time can be spent impressing the boss, or building up your own business. Another benefit of no vehicle is that more money is spent locally. That helps with community revitalization. That process is why Frank Lonardelli includes community building and consultation as a measure of every project developed by the company.

In addition to real estate investments and developments, the company is also a leasing and property management company. Tenants receive excellent services to suit their needs, once a lease has been signed. The motivation for providing attention to detail comes from aspects found in a Frank Lonardelli profile. He grew up in an area that was less than prosperous and worked hard to be successful. Those wanting to Learn more about Frank Lonardelli can subscribe to the company newsletter to receive project updates, leasing and investment opportunities, and industry trends. The information may also provide an opportunity to enjoy higher returns on investments.