Integrated Pest Management: Why It’s Important for Urban Agriculture

– Your attic makes an ideal habitat for a lot of unwanted animals including rodents and birds

– While any infestation needs to be managed, birds can cause an important nuisance because they can contaminate your attic not just with noise but bacteria and parasites as well

– Nesting birds with your attic may even affect your premises since they scavenge for items to make a nest

– Still, one of the most serious probability of birds in your attic is a member of their droppings as they harbour parasites, bacteria, moulds, and in many cases viruses which are bad for humans

The first reason why doing all of your own pest services does not make sense will be the reduced potency in the chemicals. When you purchase chemicals with a local DIY store, they’re not even close to the potency from the chemicals a professional pest management company uses. They have a reduced degree of substances, and, generally, the products you can get at a warehouse store contain different ingredients than professional-grade products. These products may have the desired effect within the short-term, but you may be back at a shop to get more in no time.

– If you have moved before, you understand how stressful and chaotic it can be

– Professional movers make it easier, but you may still find a lot of loose ends for the homeowner to deal with

– If you are accessible to assist them to right then and there of these move, they might recruit the services you provide for unlocking or securing doors, monitoring pets, or watching children

– An extra list of hands may prove invaluable at the time of these move

As the nation’s busiest international gateway, New York City has suffered early in the national bed bug invasion and has shown to be indicative in the growing pattern of bed bug infiltration for other cities. In recent months, bed bug infestations have moved beyond hotels and residential buildings and been increasingly reported in NYC retailers, popular entertainment venues and commercial office buildings. Bedbugs have hit hotels and motels nationwide, government offices in Washington D.C., Federal offices in Philadelphia and Kentucky, and most recently a well-known high-rise business tower in Chicago.

First of all, being a gardener, you should exercise your due-diligence by regularly inspecting your plants. (By the way, should you haven’t planted tomatoes yet for your season, you need to hold off until early to mid-May). You’ll notice tunnels with your soil if you have a termite problem. You’ll notice ant piles and also see most ant difficulties with your individual two eyes.