List Building in Fourteen Days

Today’s message was about how the universe helps me to do everything from getting out of bed in the morning until I go to sleep at night. It has helped me to become a millionaire. I has helped me to buy the Tellmansion. It gave me a son and Jodi, my partner. Everything in life comes from the Universe because I let the Universe know that I wanted it.

But whatever it is, if you think it’s God, Buddha, Yahweh, or Mohammed, you have to let the Universe know what it is that you want, and guess what? The Universe sees to it that you get it.

Now, I’m not raving here. My messages come from Tut’s Adventurer’s Club at , and you can get these messages, too. You just need to sign up for “Notes from the Universe,” which are very inspiring. However, what those notes say are very often so true that we just don’t see it.

Here’s the wisdom of today’s message: You have to know what you want before you can have it, and it applies to List Building and everything else in life. If you have a dream, it won’t be a dream, if you don’t take action. Taking action is the single, most important, part of being and doing what you want in life. You can have all the education in the world. You can have all the contacts in the world. But unless you sit down and actually DO something, nothing happens.

How does this apply to Internet Marketing? Well… Here’s your list building checklist, and if you only do one thing every day, you’ll be finished in 14 days! Just DO it:

1) Choose a niche to be list building around. Make it something you enjoy.

2) Research keywords to see whether the niche is popular.

3) If there have not been at least 10,000 searches in the previous month, then move on to step #4. If there haven’t been that many searches done, there’s not enough interest in the niche you’ve chosen for Internet marketing purposes, so start 30 day Autoresponder trial at no cost! 30 day Autoresponder trial at no cost! at step 1 again.

4) Write a long list of keywords in your niche, and research them to see how many people are looking for those words.

5) Choose three to five keywords and keyword phrases that are not the most-searched terms, nor the least-searched terms. They should come from somewhere in the middle. This will be your keyword list, the one you’ll use whenever writing anything. You won’t realize it now, if you’re just starting out with list building, but these are important when considering the search engines and Internet marketing.

6) Write a killer headline. Use software like Headline Creator Pro, if need be, but make it really powerful and enticing, and use as many of the keywords as possible. Just be sure the headline also sounds natural.

7) Write down all the benefits of joining your list that you can think of. What will you do for the group that you’re list building around? What’s in it for them?

Choose the three to five best points and write bullet points, using your keywords from step 5.

9) Set up an autoresponder account with AWeber, or another service.

10) Create a set of four content-rich messages that will automatically go out to the people who sign up for your list via the autoresponder.

11) Go to ClickBank, and find four products that are pertinent to your niche. Buy them and try them.

12) Create a list building page, using the headline and 3-5 bullet points.

13) Generate and add the opt-in box code to the HTML, where you want it to appear on the page

14) Upload the list building page to your server and send it traffic.

Now you have a roadmap for list building, the first step you should take in Internet marketing. Of course, there are side roads you can take, like creating a report to give away so that people will be more apt to join your list. You can get as fancy as you like with the list building page, too. Just be sure it’s professional. But that’s the deal. Now, you have no excuse for moving forward.