Make Money By Creating Your Own Local Affiliate Program

Everyday millions of consumers are searching for different products and services locally on the internet. About 82% of U.S consumers are doing local searches online and that’s not considering the rest of the world. There are about a billion local searches every month and it continues to grow. Most companies today are still using offline advertising methods like magazines, newspapers, radio, television and mailings. So can you see the money making potential?
There are hundreds of companies taking advantage of this glowing opportunity and so should you. A great example is Yodle, a local online advertising company, which continues to grow every year. I became an affiliate of Yodle and made some pretty good money until I decided to create my own affiliate program with local businesses which ultimately leads to bigger pay checks.
So How Do You Setup A Local Affiliate Program?
Setting up a local affiliate program isn’t that easy, but if you do it once, it’s all downhill thereafter. Choosing a niche market is probably the easier part of the process. There a many different markets to choose from, but I like to go for the high end business opportunities like: Plastic Surgeons, Dentist, Spas, Car Dealerships, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents and the list goes on. Many of these companies do not have an affiliate program. Most of them don’t even know what it is and how valuable it can be for their business.
The set up process is pretty basic. Similar to prospecting, you must solve a problem and you need the facts in order to do so. You MUST ASK A LOT OF QUESTIONS! What are the demographics and their interests? What is a new customer, buyer, or caller worth to them? These are questions that build rapport because you are there to help them solve a problem. A great way to get companies attention is to provide your service for a month at no charge. I know your saying why would I do that? Think about this, if you bring new business to the table for a month they will see the potentially. Now understand if you generate 30 leads for them in one day and they pane out then that should be enough to convince them. If not, you can scare them straight because of the FEAR of you working for their competitors.
There are many different ways to process this but I will provide the one that works best for me. I negotiated a rate of $55 per new client with a local dentist in my area. I created a site for them with different landing pages that collected names, phone numbers, emails and age which I forward to them. On average I would generate about 90 leads per month. After my expenses I would profit about $4000 per month working only 2hrs a day. That’s about $48,000 a year. Not bad for one affiliate program!
I’m convinced you can see the potential of local affiliate marketing but I want to make it very clear, DO NO NOT let these companies nickel and dime you because they will try. If you smell something fishy, walk and I mean walk straight to their competitor. This does require work so don’t think it’s super easy. I use pay per click, SEO, social media and classifieds to promote the affiliate program. Make sure you know what you are doing before you get involved with local affiliate marketing and if you do, you can make some serious more info on how to make money with local affiliate programs check out this website created by my mentor.
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