Most of Your Online Money Will Come From a Having Large Qualified Mailing List

Most people go about making money online in the completely wrong way. They assume that if they just get the right sales language, if they just get the right web design, if they just get everything right in their website and advertisements they will convert a high percent of the people who come to their site the first time that they arrive their. Most people aim to make a sale right away, and have no thought about building some sort of long term relationship with their clients as a method for generating sales. This is probably a big reason why most people fail at internet marketing.A�
What if, instead of having to convert someone immediately, you were able to keep a large percent of the people who visit your website on the hook? What if you were able to keep in touch with them, and not lose them as soon as they browse away from your site? What if you aimed to build up a list of life-long customers, who you could sell effectively to many times over the years, with a higher rate of success each time? Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?
And that’s why building your list is so important, and that’s why “the money is in the list.” If you focus on creating a mailing list and on providing your list with a steady stream of valuable content you are going to build some loyal clients. You are going to build a lot of trust and respect and positive feelings in between you and your clients. Not only is this more personally fun and rewarding then treating your clients like cattle, but it is also a lot more powerful from a selling perspective.
A�After all, people tend to buy things for two reasons- because the product solves something, and because they like the person selling it. If you build a targeted list revolving around a common niche, and if you offer that list legitimately valuable products, then you have solved the first problem. Regularly interacting with your list in a positive manner will solve the second problem. A well built and run list solves the two major problems of selling, and if you take the time to work on this aspect of internet marketing you will see much, much greater success.

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