Pest Control Is A Great Way To Protect Your Home Investment

– I’m Boruch Fishman and welcome to another episode of Day within the Life of Dovid Davis Pest Specialist

– Today we are going to be discussing new trends in bedbug treatment I had the opportunity discuss with Dovid, the Director of A-1 Pest Control of Baltimore yesterday

– Unfortunately, because of a glitch inside recording, I was not able to record his answers

– However, I will give you what he told me

– Right now, the next thunderstorm is cold, and bedbugs are with us

– In fact, bedbugs are one of the few pests that don’t enter into hibernation in the winter

– This makes them year-round pests, and they are generally a primary reason pest-specialists get operate in the winter

– Dovid said which he had recently attended a gathering on new initiatives inside the management of bedbugs and so he was within the mood to talk about these little pests

First, exactly what is a termite? What do they are doing and how come they pose a hazard to your residence? A termite can be a pest that has been around from the time some time of the now extinct dinosaurs. These pests eat wood non-stop. They are also categorized as social insects given that they form colonies. In fact, they raise their offspring like a group already. With this number, it’s no question why they’re such a danger to humans in addition to their homes. A study even said that the entire weight of these pests found across the world is a bit more than the complete weight of each and every single person. This is this alarming number. Because of this, they’re able to create a damage of approximately $2 billion each year.

– Any time there exists a storm coming through, or excessive periods of rain, like the summer and spring, and you can almost guarantee your house will likely be subject to some sort of ant invasion

– If you have cracks within the wood or brick exterior of your property, ants will view this as a formal invitation to come in and explore new territory

1. Cloves- It has worked for a lot of but not for others. It’s a inexpensive and pleasant option so it’s worth a shot to find out if it’ll do the job. Simply spread whole cloves around in places that you have seen silverfish. If you are trying to prevent silverfish, then place cloves behind books in bookshelves, under sinks along with the corner of your shower. Whole cloves can be found in the spice section for your local food store.

With this new technology, though, termites have no chance. The cost of the device is definitely worth it since it not just protects you in our, but will continue doing so to the future. Stations will be placed throughout the away from your own home to maintain it safe always. All those chemicals you may have seen getting used to help remedy a home before shall no longer be necessary – this excellent system uses under two grams of termite toxin and it is only exposed when termites take in the bait.