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– Pest Control and Exterminating Companies within Largo Florida are getting more pest complaints in April compared to they usually get in August or September

– Abnormally high temperatures and lack of rain have insect and pest populations exploding not only in Largo and also within the other surrounding communities in Pinellas County

Studies have shown that these bugs have been related to insomnia, anemia, and in many cases psychological and emotional problems. One who is actually being bitten by these bugs could have disturbed sleep and steady feeding might be the reason for low blood count specifically in children. Psychological and emotional problems arise due to being suffering from the unsightly welts and itching that will remain after bites.

– DDT use was widespread in excess of 40 years, and during its time it had been credited for allowing an important increase in crop yields, the total removal of the bedbug, along with a drastically reduced amount of Malaria and Yellow Fever cases worldwide in places it turned out used

– But as time took, people begun to suspect a darker side for the miracle pesticide, along with the 1960s, a conservationist named Rachel Carson published a book about the subject, titled Silent Spring

• When you arrive, do a brief inspection of the room. Carefully look all over the mattress, bed frame, windows, and drawers. Check for brown and red spots about the mattress and sheets. Seeing those spots is really a key indicator that shows there’s been activity inside hotel room. If you even you might be a little suspicious, contact a manager immediately. You’d rather be safe than sorry.

The northeast part of the country is known for these large black ants. Hot, moist summers result in the habitat a holiday for these ants. This summer in particular have made carpenter ants the most called about pest only at JP McHale Pest Management. The large level of rain we’ve received help keep the wood moist, and also the humidity in homes will welcome these invaders.