Hakata Ippudo Ramen is one of the most famous Japanese ramen brand chains, with branches all over Japan, and even in other countries – like Thailand. We also had an order of sake sushi and masago sushi and they were good as well. Like the Osaka restaurant, you take your shoes off to eat, although at the Shibuya version you keep your shoes off until you reach your table, and then they put your shoes in a basket next to your table.

It is possible to watch Kabuki and Nou all over
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Japan, but Bunraku is something you can only watch in Osaka. When you pick up some wet nabe pieces with your chopsticks, a dab onto your rice before eating is normal. There are many okonomiyaki restaurants in Osaka from cheap to expensive, but one of the best value is Okonomiyaki Yukari, Sonezaki, Umeda which has prices starting from around 890 JPY, or A$8.

Most okonomiyaki restaurants add other ingredients as well, such as pork belly, octopus, vegetables, squid or green onions. We came here because a friend in our party had a group on and we decided to come here, there were 5 of us and the group on was 80.00 off, we spent close to 300.00 total, the group tried all different items on the menu and no one was satisfied or happy with the food.

They serve a variety of unique takoyaki dishes such as takoyaki soaked in a special soup, takoyaki with Kakigori(Kakigori is a Japanese summer desert made of shaved ice),and Takoyaki with melted cheese on top. Don’t miss Osaka’s Dotonbori area, a neon-filled street where you can sample all the culinary delights that Osaka has to offer. Many small noodle shops, each with their own special broths and handmade noodles, serve bowls of hot kitsune udon.[\CONTENT]
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