Usability Problems and Most Used Web Design Techniques

With over 600 million sites on the Internet, it is hard to stand out. Web Design Denver strives to avoid forgettable, boring designs while creating something memorable and modern. However, these efforts can cause problems for some users when a visual enhancement translates into a decline in usability. Below is a discussion of three of the most common techniques used in web design, as well as their potential to cause certain usability issues.

Infinite Scrolling

With this technique, a user can experience endless content with little navigation. When the user reaches the page bottom, they are automatically served more content. Many site owners use infinite scrolling because of its fluidity and liveliness, but it can cause problems. If a user finds something compelling, they should be able to come right back to it later—and infinite scrolling can prevent that. By including a link to recently viewed items, Web Design Denver can make it easier for readers to pick up where they left off.

Multilevel Navigation

A multilevel navigation menu presents nested items, and subcategories are only available when the user navigates to a particular item on the list. Site owners often use this type of menu because they want to cut clutter and free up page space, but it often makes the site complex. It’s the navigation menu’s job to make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for, and ecommerce website design Companies should reconsider the company’s information architecture choices before making a decision.

Sitemap Footers

These footers contain links to the site’s various topics, and they are typically presented in the same hierarchy as the rest of the site. Many website owners implement sitemap footers because the site has multiple, hierarchical topics and they want to offer users a consolidated list of links for ease in navigation. However, if the sitemap footer contains links not accessible through earlier elements, users will learn to use it to find those hard-to-spot links. Instead of using a sitemap footer, the site owner should consider improving the overall placement and availability of links on the site.

In professional Web Design Denver, not everything that’s innovative or attractive is usable. Whether it’s an owner’s first site or their tenth, they should add design techniques to their arsenal. By thinking carefully before implementing enhancements, business owners can take responsibility for the site and its design while improving its overall usability and user appeal.