Video Marketing Tips – A Camcorder Can Bring in the Bucks

Do you know what tomorrow is? It’s the day we’re going to have another solar eclipse, as of this writing anyway. So what’s the big deal? Well, I happened to run over to YouTube to look up solar eclipse and wouldn’t you know it, there were almost 3,000 videos having to do with a solar of them actual footage of one. And guess what? Some of these videos had monetization at the end of them. That’s right. Some guy with just a camcorder and a way to upload that video to the Internet is making money hand over fist.
The key to the whole process is finding a subject where all you have to do is go outside and take some movies where there is a market for that information. Off the top of my head, how about a movie of a guy hitting golf balls for a golf instructional video? Or how about going to the local bowling alley to take some shots of a guy tossing bowling balls for a bowling instructional video? Or baseball, or football, or any sport where the best instruction is video? All you need is your camera and somebody to demonstrate the correct technique for whatever you’re doing.
Let’s say you’re making a video to show the proper golf swing. As I said, you don’t need to script some elaborate production. A intro as simple as, “Here is the proper golf swing for a T shot using a 3 wood” will do the trick. Then just let the guy do his thing. The beauty of these type of videos is that they’re action videos and therefore, a lot of words aren’t needed. Just tell the viewer what they’re going to see and you’re done.
Video marketing for many topics can be as simple as just walking outside and letting your camera do the work.
And it doesn’t get any easier than that.
To YOUR Success,
Steven Wagenheim
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