Web Development Techniques Can Enhance Overall Mobile Development

Mobile applications have become the core of all information sharing with smartphones coming to the mainstream computing. These are more like a packaged software, which can be accessed on a range of devices with respect to the platform.When it comes to the web, if there are some bugs in the webpage, it would only affect few users while you take down the server for maintenance. Once you are done rectifying the errors you can take the webpage online again and it won’t hurt much of your users or the traffic. It is easy to push an update with bug fixes and new features, reboot the servers and everything is hunkydory.

But when it comes to Mobile apps development, it is a whole new ball game. A mobile application with a serious bug would make the application error prone and frustrate users for some time. This would not only decrease application ranking, but due to a range of options available to the users, they would easily move on from your application. In the long run, it becomes a devastating approach that can make the overall application redundant.

In order to help developers overcome this situation, Apple has incorporated a viable solution in the form of two week app approval window. This not only demands higher quality software which means better testing and higher quality standards, but also ensures that the developers have a window of correction, in order to diminish error prone applications.

As the demand for sophisticated applications are increasing there is a constant pressure on developers to enhance different aspects of content sharing. This is the reason why they have started to tweak web tools for mobile app development.

Over the years developers have started to encompass on stringent QA process to target various points of contention among applications resulting in highly quality applications. As the user demand is changing, mobile applications need to become dynamic in nature, keeping in mind mobile specific audience. There is no denying the fact that longer release cycles have a vital effect on overall quality of the applications as QA teams get ample time to optimize, test, phaser out all of the redundancies. By creating a devised framework in accordance to the overall software development life cycle, it has become easy to recreate that same model in the web development ecosystem.

This helps with on demand alteration of code as well as design where developers can easy change the core features without worrying about the overlapping effects. As more and more developers start to incorporate frameworks in their development cycle, the overall web development will get seamless and mobile users will be better served with higher quality applications.

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