What Is The Best Way To Produce An Income While Travelling?

• I knew very little about the internet and how to use it
• I had heard lots of stories about people spending huge amounts of money on learning how to Market online and advertising and still not getting anywhere
• I didn’t know where to look to find the information I needed to know and if I found something how would I know if it was legitimate?
• How much time would it take?
• How would I generate traffic/monitor leads?
• What would I say!
I have to say I was feeling a little apprehensive. I did not have a lot of money to invest and wanted to make sure that I was spending it wisely and getting value for money. Needless to say I spent a few days and nights with these things on my mind. I confess to thinking “wouldn’t it be great if I could find a system that could teach me everything I needed to know about internet marketing in one place!” The power of attraction and the mind is astounding!
Two days later I saw a wee ad while surfing around’ that caught my attention and I was introduced to a complete Marketing System that teaches you everything from setting up a website and managing leads to writing articles and blogging, social media, press releases, copy writing, Search Engine Optimization, pay per click etc etc, the list goes on. (I didn’t even know what half of those terms meant before!) Even more than the basics of what I needed to know I have also discovered a very unique community of givers that I am constantly learning from and being inspired by. The support I have while on this journey is amazing!
Here are some things I learned along the way:
1) Research is a valuable tool and when done diligently will always give you a clearer and bigger picture…always do your due diligence and research the company and the people, and the companies and people associated with your company and people, that you are thinking about doing business may save you thousands of dollars and hours. Knowing that the company you have chosen is one of good repute and that the people who run it do so with integrity and commitment to their members will help you start your journey feeling safe and ready.
2) When you are happy with your choice, commit to it (if it feels good, do it!). Having a ‘do it until’ attitude means you are half way to succeeding already.
3) Get to work and do your best to be focused. Allowing distractions in is the biggest and most common killer of result producing work.
4) Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It is widely known that to have more you must become more and there are many books out there that will help to get you on your way to learning the skills and becoming the person you want to be, and what better way is there than to learn from those that have already done it and succeeded!
5) Commit to paper your dreams and goals. Become very familiar with the things you want to achieve, have and do. Affirm this daily, several times if you want, until your dreams eventually become your reality.
6) The internet is indeed a very large entity to become involved with and can quite quickly overwhelm you if you are not used to it. Have a plan everyday of what you want to achieve and stick to it and you will surely move you and your business forward. Failing to plan is planning to fail.
So in addition to learning how to develop a business on the internet I have received exceptional value for my money and even made my investment back by sharing this system with others. I have widened my knowledge base of the internet and marketing hugely and made a heap of new friends all in the space of a few months. I am looking forward to learning a lot more while travelling, about the world wide web and other worldly things.

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