YourNetBiz – A Brutally Honest Review of the YourNetBiz Opportunity

The Products – YourNetBiz offers four different product packages, bronze at $495, silver at $995, gold at $1995 and platinum at $2995. The quantity of e-books, software and physical products available to you varies depending on which level you sign up on. YourNetBiz has by far the biggest most extensive library of e-books with approximately 2000 e-books residing in it, the software is mostly internet marketing tools some of which are essential to your business and the line-up of physical products are small yet impressive. The most interesting physical product in this opportunity is the Net Millionaire Training System, its purpose is quite similar in principle to the cash flow board game by Robert Kiyosaki, to teach you how to make money from your internet marketing business while having fun. You also get a travel club with excellent deals on top 5-star resorts, condos, cruises and more.
The Compensation Plan – the compensation plan is different to that of Passport to Wealth and other 1-up and 2-up plans, YourNetBiz operates on a proven wholesale/retail business model which means that you get paid first and then it’s your responsibility to pay the wholesale price to the company. The YourNetBiz opportunity has a two tier compensation plan that allows you to receive commissions from your first sale as well as sales generated by your team. The commissions are as follows, $300 commission when you sell a bronze package, $700 for the silver package, $1500 for the gold package and finally $2000 for the platinum package, matching overrides on team sales are $100, $150, $300 and $500 respectively.
YourNetBiz has another interesting feature, the use of your own PBA(Personal Business Assistant) this is a breath of fresh air for those who hate calling their leads. Outsourcing the follow up call to someone else means that you have more time to concentrate on other money making activities. This is an excellent feature where your time matters the most, the people at YourNetBiz have really thought of everything and eliminated another barrier to your success.
So is this opportunity a scam? Hardly, the various packages available at YourNetBiz are worth their asking price, the library is the biggest, the software and physical products are high in demand and the travel club is one of the best in the industry. Most importantly is the education you receive, the media vault is huge and has absolutely everything you will need to succeed in an internet marketing business. The YourNetBiz opportunity has my highest recommendations as the best home based business with everything all under one roof and has produced many six-figure earners many of whom had no prior experience in internet YourNetBiz opportunity is essentially a marketing platform with cutting edge systems in place to do the heavy lifting for you.
Verdict – Not guilty

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