Badger Daylighting™ understands the tremendous importance placed on maintaining work-site safety and the integrity of underground infrastructure for the Oil and Gas industry.

Our non-destructive pipeline excavation is critical to the safety, repair, and maintenance of oil, gas and petrochemical facilities for pipeline crossings or pipeline tie-ins.

The Badger Hydrovac’s speed and non-destructive characteristics make it the right choice for excavations of any size. With accurate locates a Badger vacuum truck Operator can daylight a pipeline buried 8’ deep in 10 to 30 minutes. On the other hand, excavate up to 5yd3 in an hour with a precise slop to create a safe workspace.

Another advantage of our Badger Hydrovac System is the ability to keep a pit dry of groundwater for service technicians, trades and inspectors.


• Pipeline Crossings
• Pipeline Tie-ins
• Hydro Probing
• Utility Conflicts
• Oil and Fuel spills

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